Welcome to In Your Own Words, a brand new blog dedicated to engaging conversation with interesting people in everyday life. My name is Joshua Rising and although I do not necessarily lead an interesting life, I know many other people that do. So why not exploit their interesting lives for my own gain? There’ll be serious pieces, where I’ll be talking to some great people about either the exciting industry they work in or the music that has impacted their life (which I’m proud of). There’ll also be some opinion based work and other, more personal pieces (which I will, almost certainly, instantly regret). Got a problem? Contact the HR team- consisting of myself and myself only. You lose. Josh-1, random reader-0.

In all seriousness, I hope you enjoy the blog. If you have any feedback for the blog, would like to ask a question to someone that I’ve interviewed or, perhaps, you would like to be interviewed yourself, I would love for you to get in touch. You can find the relevant details on the About Me page.

I’ll let you guess for yourself which of these strapping gentlemen is me.

Latest Posts

This Month’s Vinyl: 22, A Million

Regular readers of my music articles and album discussions on the In Your Own Words website already understand my deep love for Hip Hop. Of course, like every other mildly-normal human being, I listen and indulge in a huge array of different musical genres, and I thought my discussion for This Month’s Vinyl this month… Continue Reading →

This Month’s Vinyl: To Pimp A Butterfly

I don’t think it’s an understatement to suggest that Kendrick Lamar absolutely dominated the 2010s with an incredible four album run, not including his compilation of throw-aways untitled unmastered and figure heading the hugely successful Black Panther Soundtrack album. Over the course of the decade, Kendrick was successful in solidifying himself as one of the… Continue Reading →

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